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MacRury Family East Gernish

Title: MacRury Family East Gernish
Posted by: Michelle MacNeil on 05-12-2012

Discussion: I am wondering if anybody has any information about the history of east gernish?

My grandfather originates from East gernish and is at the moment trying to compile some information about the village. The family name is Macrury

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Posted by: Calum Nobles on 07-03-2013

The sasanachs enjoyed their wild existence for two weeks every year. The love of the outdoors, wildlife and the Islands has stayed with all of us. My daughters are being indoctrinated too :-)
I'm never sure which household was more mad, the Loch Carnan MacRurys or the Campbells ... we certainly terrorized the chickens and lambs in both places

Posted by: Cathie Fraser on 06-03-2013

Billbill, Bobo and Dettack actually! And then you all came along and had such lovely summers in Loch Carnan. It all seems a million years ago. So many of the people who were such great characters now gone.

Posted by: Calum Nobles on 06-03-2013

So the sister was Morag, and Mary Bell and Bobo used to call mum 'Baaduck'

Posted by: Cathie Fraser on 05-03-2013

Calum, ask your mother who it was who used to call her 'Baaduck' when she was a young woman helping out her busy sister...

I will contact you direct when I get a spare moment. Life's a bit crazy right now

Posted by: Calum Nobles on 05-03-2013

Thanks Angus, that is much appreciated.

Michelle, if your grandad wants some family history, get him to get in touch, or tell him I will be up in May, and might finally visit Barra for the FIRST TIME!!

Posted by: Angus MacMillan on 12-02-2013

This is for Calum who is building a family tree, As I have it, Neil's sloinneadh is Neil MacRury (1.1.1860-1915 b. 18 Torlum) mac Iain (1825-8.5.1888) 'ic Aonghais 'ic Iain (b. 1760 = Flora MacMillan) 'ic Aonghais 'ic Iain 'ic Thormud Ghobha (c. 1680 b. Skye d. Middlequarter, N Uist) 'ic Iain Ruaidh (b. Skye d. Sollas, N Uist) 'ic Alasdair (b. c. 1620 Totescore, Skye). Worth checking out, I hope: Angus

Posted by: Calum Nobles on 06-02-2013

So Cathie, where do you fit into this picture?

Posted by: Cathie Fraser on 12-01-2013

Calum Nobles's mum Margaret, Angus MacRury's father Neil,(R.I.P) and Michelle's grandfather Calum were all brothers and sisters. Did you not recognise one another? Angus's mother Mary (R.I.P) was known for her knowledge of the history of, not only East Gerinish, but Gaelic culture in general. I am not surprised that Angus shares this gift and ability. Michelle, your family is large and full of colourful, interesting and much loved and respected people. Good luck in your research. I'll be watching this space...!

Posted by: Calum Nobles on 08-12-2012

My mother is a MacRury from that neck of the woods. I have just recently started looking into the family history and building a family tree on

If you send me your email address I can 'invite' you to look at the family tree, and see if that helps you



Posted by: Angus MacRury on 07-12-2012

I am from in East Gernish athough not currently living there and more than willing to help with information on the village.

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