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Hebrides - Islands on the Edge

Title: Hebrides - Islands on the Edge
Posted by: admin on 13-05-2013

Discussion: The 2nd episode in the series narrated by Ewan Macgregor was aired tonight. This episode featured white-tailed eagles, harbour seals, hares, pine martens, short-eared owls and basking sharks.

There have been a lot of mixed feelings on the programme, namely the narration. Other than that it has been well received.

The 3rd episode will feature Uist so that will be something to look forward to.

What have you thought of it so far?

Replies to this post

Posted by: Martin Briscoe on 09-06-2013

I am sure it will get shown on BBC network eventually, unless there is some \'issue\' between Glasgow and network - post-Birt it would not surprise me if Glasgow wanted to charge network an unrealistic charge to show it.

The same applies to the series on wildlife cameramen that is running at the moment only in Scotland with no indication when it will be shown nationally.

Posted by: Simon Davies on 29-05-2013

What a superb programme, but how short-sighted of the BBC not to show it across whole of UK - It need not have been on BBC1, if that did not suit their political agenda, but options are there for BBC4 (documentary channel) or even the 'Red Button' which they use extensively for sport items when normal scheduling does not permit gaps on the main channels.

I believe they will be showing it \'sometime\' on the whole network, but not decided when - probably after this tourist season is over, alas!

Full marks to @mara_media for creating such a marvellous showcase for the Scottish islands.

Simon Davies

Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 20-05-2013

It's a pity the cameraman goes at 100mph with no real focus on crofters / dwellings / landmarks etc. I think I got a 0.5 second glance at the entrance to Hallan Cemetery??? Correct me if I'm wrong as it was a fleeting glimpse indeed. It's also such a pity that the producer forgot how to spell Machair. Did he think the "H" was a "K" or did he completely miss it altogether? The "Macair" sounded a bit odd coming from one of the best known scottish actors, born in the same hospital as myself, who was brought up in highland Perthshire :-( Sorry Mr E G McG (OBE)

Thoroughly enjoyed it just the same. It's like being in another world and people who haven't visited these places don't know that feeling - myself included as St. Kilda just seems awesome. A week camping that would be something of an experience for sure.

Anne Marie

Posted by: Michael Kristiansen on 17-05-2013

Many thanks for the link.

Fantastic photography and very well narrated, although, at times a bit OTT. Looking forward immensely to the next episode.

Posted by: admin on 14-05-2013

Hi Michael. It is on iPlayer I believe and I have put the link for you below.

Posted by: Michael Kristiansen on 14-05-2013

Would have loved to have seen it. What channel was it on? I might be able to to see it on the iPlayer.


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