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looking for information on Norris-Mcdonald

Title: looking for information on Norris-Mcdonald
Posted by: barbara godfrey on 24-02-2013

Discussion: I''d be grateful for any information on Robert Norris died in benbecula at ulisgva or alisgva,on july 1866 aged 72yrs also his wife Catherine Mcdonald who died october 1873 aged75yrs at south boisdale, her father Samuel Mcdonald a crofter her mother was Mary not sure of her maiden name, could be sullivan, brother was called Donald.
Robert was a registered hawker or tinsmith,

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Posted by: barbara godfrey on 08-05-2013

Can anyone tell me if a Flora Maxwell lived or worked in Uist, I have Flora on a 1870 census, she was working as a servant at Morven, for the Mackay family, there's no sign of flora after that, this is just a thought.

I'd like to thank Angus Macmillan for all the information he gave me on the Norris family.

Posted by: Angus MacMillan on 02-03-2013

Robert Norris died 27.7.1866 at Uiskevagh, which was a small township in the eastern part of Benbecula. I am afraid that the Norris family. perhaps as a result of being itinerant hawkers/ tinsmiths and hence illiterate and innumerate, are something of a nightmare to pin down.

Robert was born in Ireland about 1791 or probably a few years later and the records show both his mother and first wife as Ann Johnson. According to his death record, his father was John Norris. However, what could have been his brother John Norris living first in Frobost South Uist and ultimately at Bayhead North Uist was shown on his death certificate as son of Robert Norris and Ann Johnson. If that Ann had been born a few years earlier than her recorded 1800, this John born in the Ilse of Islay, could have been the oldest son of your Robert. Just to keep things in the family, John was married to a Mary Johnson. There was also a James Norris, who could have been a brother of John, at Buailedubh on the northern tip of South Uist in 1881. That this was the one family is confirmed by all being what were known as tinklers, tinsmiths and hawkers who happened, unusually to settle. John in South Uist was also identified as stepfather of James Miller and siblings. James took over 24 (Muir of) Aird after Robert's death, was also a tinsmith [i.e. mender of pots and pans] and emigrated to Wapella, Saskatchewan as a Lady Cathcart settler in 1883, where he prospered mightily. If yo have a look at te Censuses, you will find Norris and Miller descendants in North Uist and Skye.

As I have it, the Robert Norris family in Aird included wife Ann Johnson and their children Robert 1825, Thomas 1827, Alexr 1831, William 1833 and Ann 1835-30.1.1860. Ann died about the start of 1860 and Robert remarried in December that year to Catherine MacDonald d.o. Somhairle (Samuel) MacDonald and Mary Morrison. There is a mention of Lionacleit but I do not think that was a family home, perhaps just where pre-marriage Catherine was a servant. Catherine was 45 when married and Robert in his seventies so there were no offspring of this marriage.

Posted by: barbara godfrey on 28-02-2013

To Angus MacMillan 28-02-2013
I am not the seeker of the truth, although I am gratefull for the information you have forwarded to me, I would be glad for anymore you can give me.

Robert I believe was my ggg/grandfather, on his death cert. I have John Norris as his father and Ann Johnston as his mother, but on my gg/grandfather William's marriage cert I have Robert his father and Ann Johnston as Williams mother. On Williams death cert. I have his mother as being Ann Miller.
William was born in Kildalton Islay. I have them in Broadford Skye.
I hope I haven't confused you. Barbara.

Posted by: Angus MacMillan on 26-02-2013

Are you by any chance the seeker after truth that Jan Fisher was helping recently? If not, Robert Norris was a tinsmith/crofter [having left hawker/merchant behind] at 24 Aird in Benbecula until close to his death, which was in Uiskevagh out on the east coast of the island. Catherine MacDonald, supposedly from Lionacleit, may only have been there as a worker at the time of their marriage in 1860 when Robert was nearly 70 and she was 45. Accordingly, they had no children, all Robert's being from his first marriage to a Johnson, I think from the Balivanich family but I would need to check that. I do not know of a Somhairle MacDonald in Lionacleit. Let me know if you need more. Angus

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