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Catherine Maceachen

Title: Catherine Maceachen
Posted by: annemarie floyd on 20-10-2012

Discussion: I have tried to trace my gran family, they seemed to have moved from Howmore to Eriskay, not sure of dates but the family now called grieve moved to Glasgow in the late 50s, can anyone direct me on the way to finding out more please

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Posted by: annemarie floyd on 11-04-2013

Anne Marie / Sharon I am not very good with this page but would love to hear from you about the Grieve and Maceachen family I find It easier with email if you could get in touch please thanks

Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 31-01-2013

I think I may have found Catherine MacEachan (1911 census) as a widow (Bethune) living with her sister Margaret (Slorah)? - how it\'s written. There is a nephew Hugh R MacCulloch and servant Martha Woodcock. Address given as 68 Petherton Rd, Highbury, New Pk, London N.

Regards, Anne Marie.

Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 30-01-2013


Just came across this 1881 census (Loch Skipport)

David Grieve (Head) 55, Shepherd, b Barra
Mary (wife) 54, b S/U
Robert (son) 22, Gen Serv, b S/U
Marion (dau) 18, Gen Serv, b S/U

Not sure if related but good chance as the name is not common.

Regards, Anne Marie.

Posted by: sharon mceachen on 19-01-2013

Hi both,
1881 census:
cit: Parish Sout Uist; Registration district Howmore.
father John McEachen 68yrs farmer
Margaret 28yrs
Catherine 26 yrs (my great grandmother)
Mary 24yrs
Donald 22yrs

best wishes

Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 19-01-2013

Hi Anne Marie (Floyd),

Re: Grieve/MacEachan,

I have sent you a personal email to the email address you supplied online on a posting on here before.

This query seems to be ongoing since 2008 and getting nowhere?

I don\'t know how experienced you are with genealogy but I would like to help you as this is such a long time for what seems to be a straight forward step?

Is there a difficult situation/reason that no-one seems to be able to find the info?


Anne Marie.

Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 17-01-2013

Hi Sharon and Annemarie (apologies for calling you Catherine -eyes were closing).

Can I ask if you are both talking about the same Catherine?

Can you please transcribe me the household of the 1881 census.


Anne Marie.

Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 16-01-2013

Hi Catherine,

Can you please be a bit more elaborate as this question is a bit vague.

Can you please give us your grandmothers forename and maiden surname as well as your grandfathers forename (assuming he\'s the Grieve connection)?

Can you give us approximate yrs for their marriage and births.
I use the 20 marker e.g. if your mum was born 1960 assume her parents were 20yrs old when they married = c1959 and assume they were 20yrs old when they married, so they would have been born c1939.


Anne Marie.

Posted by: sharon mceachen on 06-12-2012

Hi Annemarie
My great grandmother was Catherine Mary MacEachen born 1855 and registered on the 1881 census in the parish of Howmore. She moved to London sometime after that.

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