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Chat rooms

Title: Chat rooms
Posted by: Mairi MacLeod on 18-11-2011

Discussion: I'm new to the site and notice there are often people on line - but no-one in the chatroom? Am I missing something? Is there some other way of folk getting together?

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Posted by: James Kennedy on 26-01-2012

Well I have to say I am a bit disappointed in this, I have always found the chatroom an interesting way to meet new people.

Bad form I say, BAD FORM !

Posted by: admin on 26-01-2012

One day I will replace it with something else.


Posted by: Michael Kristiansen on 29-11-2011

Hi Eoghan
Whenever I've tried to login to the chatroom, it tells me that user*****(the email address I use to login to this site) is not registered. The reason that other members are not in the chatroom may be, that they are having the same difficulties as I am.

Posted by: Mairi MacLeod on 28-11-2011

Hi Eoghan
Thanks for your reply, but if the chatrooms are not being used it's maybe not worth doing anything with Skype either. I'm new here so maybe have just not got used to how folk use the site. Have to say, I am enjoying it though! Chatroom or no chatroom!

Posted by: admin on 28-11-2011

Hi there. The chatroom is rarely used, and is pretty much dependent on how many people are using it. You may find you are the only person in there. Chatrooms are not that popular these days - even poor old MSN messenger is hardly used with most people using skype.

I may just remove it to remove any further confusion.

Perhaps I could put a Skype username in the users section when you could put it if you want?

Posted by: Mairi MacLeod on 28-11-2011

I got in - but was only one there!

Posted by: John McKechnie on 25-11-2011

neither have I, has anyone does it even exist ?

Posted by: Michael Kristiansen on 24-11-2011

Hi Mairi
I have never been able to login to the chatroom and even sent Eoghan, the Forum owner asking for help to sign-in. I'm still waiting for a reply

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