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Coming to South Uist for Holiday

Title: Coming to South Uist for Holiday
Posted by: Giuseppina Amenta on 01-11-2011

Discussion: Hello from Germany :-)

In April I will come for the first time with my family to South Uist. Thus I want to ask you, if you know a family-friendly B&B. I will travel with my husband, my son (5 years) and my daughter (then 6 months) and we would like to stay 3 or 4 days as I want to do some research for my first historic novel.

This leads to my next question: Do you know some important (or even less important ;-)) places to visit, which relates to Flora MacDonald and her Flight with BPC. Is there also any library on South Uist, which I can use during my stay?

I would be very thankful for any answers.

Thank you in advance and all the best from Germany

Giuseppina :-)

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Posted by: Angus MacMillan on 10-01-2012

Hello Giuseppina, happy New Year and congratulations on the new arrival. I am not sure why but Eve Cook was credited with my note about Flora to which you have now responded. I will try to answer any questions you have on Benbecula and the Flora story. If the answers will be short, then do post them here but feel free to email me directly if you want a longer response. Kind regards. Angus

Posted by: Giuseppina Amenta on 06-01-2012

Hello Eve, Hello Ronalda,

sorry for answering now to your respond of November. I'm now mother of a 3 months old girl and it's incredible how fast time passes by. So... Thank you for your answer and the hint, dear Eve, that the Milton Monument is just a fake. Indeed I did some research on Flora and her Birthplace and everything around her, that I've read some time ago, that the "Birthplace" of Flora was undertaken 1995 of an archaeological survey and excavation. Archaeolgist explored that the place, which is meant to be Floras Birthplace, is the remain of population settlement by the end of the 18th century. And that's definitely to late to be Floras Birthplace.

That leads to my next question: Is there any local historian (or someone similar) on Benbecula, who could answer some questions ? Anyhow I will have a look for the book you mentioned on the traditions of Benbecula. It sounds very interesting. :-)

In the meantime I've found a self-catering accomodation in North Uist, which sounds very good for my little family.

Best Wishes and to everyone here a happy new year

Posted by: Andy Biddles on 24-11-2011

Feel free to check out Heronpoint here or on trip advisor

Posted by: eve cook on 03-11-2011

Giuseppina: The answer to your first question very much depends on where you want to be. It is quite a long haul on partly single track roads from Lochboisdale to Benbecula, especially if you have to do it too many times.

Iochdar or Liniclate are pretty central.

Much the best accessible library is that at Liniclate [Lionacleit] school at the southern end of Benbecula. On the BPC issue, don't beleve a word of the Flora monument at Milton and its claim that Flora was 'born somewhere near here'. Flora's main family home was in Balivanich in Benbecula and they only left there for a tack at Armadale in the Isle of Skye at Whitsunday 1746 shortly before BPC arrived, as Flora's stepfather, Hugh Cam MacDonald, had had an affair with an important married woman in Balivanich, resulting in the birth of a daughter. The local history society published a book last year giving the Benbecula traditions that correct much of what has been written elsewhere.

Posted by: Ronalda Hira on 01-11-2011


My Mum has a B&B in Daliburgh the telephone number is 01878700495, or if you need any more info you can ask myself. I'm not sure about your other queries, I hope someone else can help you.


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