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The new rubbish collection system

Title: The new rubbish collection system
Posted by: Tom McLaughlan on 15-10-2006

Discussion: For many of us the new system starts on Mon 16th Oct with organic waste being collected on that day and residual waste collected on the following day.
As most of the residents in my area did not have the new organic bin issued, or their second bin re-labelled for organic waste, till Friday the 13th I can see quite a few problems with the first collection as most of these second bins are already full of mixed rubbish.
I hope the Council do not expect us to start separating rubbish already in these bins ready for the first collections.
I can see organic bins not being emptied on the Monday because they hold other rubbish and also not being emptied on the Tuesday because they are labelled as organic waste only.
I only hope that common sense on the Council's part prevails when these first collections take place.

Replies to this post

Posted by: graham macintosh on 05-02-2008

bins on uist are collected on public holidays all the time

Posted by: Iain MacMillan on 26-09-2007

Hi Tom,
The issue of refuse certainly in Uist is questionable. Fair enough, we have an organic bin; Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (CNS) spared no expence in little yellow stickers for bog standard black bin, as oppossed to the colour coded bins that most of (all that I've seen) Scotland have. The marketing team must have spent all of ten seconds comming-up with that idea. The glossy leaflet before the bins came looked more expencive and less recyclable than the stickers. I fully accept the council have little or no money for colour coded bins, but I would be interested to know where the money does go or where it has gone. In all honesty, I don't like this organic waste system. For all it is, with the exeption of those in rented homes and small gardens, you are in many ways better off creating your very own compost heap. Look at people that have to take their bin for a one to ten minute walk for the bin lorry to get it; that's just sad for the elderly. Their is nothing to stop the bins flying away in bad weather, and if you tie the bin to a fence, then it's classed as not being out and will not likely be collected.
We have a bottle recyle sytem too. You have to hunt for a bottle bank to dump the bottles there, then they get taken to market-stance and get battered (not crushed) by a regular JCB. I seem to remember a can crushing plant at market stance too, but I don't remember being told that we can recycle them or being told about the place; it's just a little job that seems reserved for those on the New Deal employment program. More awareness needs to be made and more help should be offered for the elderly and to the few that recycling is a new and foreighn concept. Currently, it would seem to at least my eyes, CNS are just doing their bit because they have to.
Rant over.

Posted by: Tom McLaughlan on 17-10-2006

Ah well it seems my worries were foundless. The bins were not emptied on Monday due to a local holiday and a normal collection was made today, Tuesday. I hold my head in shame for any doubts I ever had in the Council and their competence.

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