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Where to overnight after Shell Bay has closed for the season

Title: Where to overnight after Shell Bay has closed for the season
Posted by: Arthur Davidson on 21-07-2010

Discussion: Intend to visit South Uist in motorhome (7.3m) in October possibly after Shell Bay has closed for the season. Don't want to upset residents by overnighting on the machair. What about picnic spots that might be suitable for an overnight stop?

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Posted by: Arthur Davidson on 21-05-2011

Thank you for your concern. My interaction with Seamus did not deter me one little bit and was helpful to nobody I would suggest? However, following that we did go to the Western Isles last Sept/Oct and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Everywhere we went in the Uists and Barra, the locals could not have been nicer. Lovely lunch at Kildonan Museuem cafe. Another nice lunch at Hebridean Jewellery. Lovely coffee at Kirkibost. Very warm reception by a young lady at Lochboisdale Tourist Office...... and the Co-op shops sell extremely nice Onion Badjis (is that how its spelt?) Locals regularly suggested where we could overnight without upsetting anyone. We did stay a few nights at Shell Bay but they were closing for the season.
Guess what? We loved it so much last Sept/Oct that we've just got back home from a two week trip to the Western Isles. This time we included Moorcroft Holidays site in our stays . No Golden Eagles or otters this time but we did see Hen Harriers on the C83 Committee Road and a Short Eared Own near Solas.
I'm a Scot born and bred. Currently live near Perth. The whole country sorely needs tourist income, not just the Western Isles. As long as we feel welcome and our spending appreciated, we are happy to include the Western Isles in our touring plans. (Sadly we got the impression, no more than that, that we were only being tolerated on H***** - north of Berneray!)

Posted by: Kenny Beaton on 19-05-2011


please ignore Seumas MacLeod's posts - they are not representative of the islands.

You would always be welcomed by the vast majority of Uist people.

I hope you did travel to Uist and enjoyed your holiday!

Posted by: Arthur Davidson on 25-07-2010

Re how we will spend several hundred pounds in Western Isles, as responsible campers we arrive with little and shop locally. We live in Perth. We use Tesco and the local shop here. For the two of us we seem to spend in excess of £100/week on groceries/toiletries etc. We will refuel on the Western Isles. We love coffee and a scone/bacon roll so believe me we will visit lots of cafes. We will occasionally eat out in the evening and I enjoy a pint. We will need a laundry/laundrette at some stage. If campsites are open we'll use them. My wife will browse and purchase gifts - she usually does when away! We expect to be on Western Isles for 3 or 4 weeks. Its far too easy to spend several hundred pounds!!!!
Believe me Seamus we are responsible and care for the whole of the UK. We don't dump waste - litter, chemical or 'grey' - except in authorised places. I know some irresponsible campers do otherwise as I've witnessed it, but the vast majority are in my experience very caring.

Posted by: Arthur Davidson on 25-07-2010

Pollution is a fair point Seamus. I understand the economic position of the islands remains relatively precarious. The Western Isles, including Stornoway, are defined by Highlands and Islands Enterprise as an economically "Fragile Area". Tourism is a major income - would you rather I spent my Scottish pounds elsewhere in the UK (or Europe)? We do not pollute or abuse the infrastructure wherever we go. Of course the several hundreds of pounds I'm likely to spend in the Western Islands is not going to solve the economic problem but surely a warm welcome to all responsible visitors would encourage others?

Posted by: Arthur Davidson on 24-07-2010

Not particularly helpful Seamus............

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