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Bill Lawson - Genealogy - Family Trees - North Uist

Title: Bill Lawson - Genealogy - Family Trees - North Uist
Posted by: admin on 30-06-2010

Discussion: For anyone wanting to track their ancestral routes from the Uists, I would recommend taking advantage of the services offered by Bill Lawson. His research is extensive and for a reasonable fee he will do the honours for you I believe. His website is below.


Some books from Bill:

North Uist in History and Legend

Lewis in History and Legend: The West Coast

Harris in History and Legend

Replies to this post

Posted by: Mary Not Required on 01-07-2011

I have done a search for Alexander and checked the records up to 1960, thankfully there were only 4 but he is not one of them.
The only possibility for him and his 2 sisters is that they left the area or Scotland all together...but with whom and where?

I think we will have to wait and perhaps one day one of their descendants will be trying to find their history.

Thanks for your efforts :)

Posted by: Iain MacKillop on 01-07-2011

It is possible that Alexander might be one of the three persons of that name with a birth year 1849 (plus or minus one) who died in the Glasgow City district between 1856 and 1911. If he was still alive at the time of the 1911 census, it may be that he is one of the two men of that name aged respectivel 63 and 65 recorded in Glasgow Anderston in that year's census. Other possiblities are one registered in LANARK/LANARK aged 63 and LANARK/CADDER aged 55. The census returns will show where he was born but sadly they're not always right. Good luck .

Posted by: Mary Not Required on 30-06-2011

Thank you for the link Ian,

I have his birth and death records from the Register House which records his birth in South Uist, the LDS record must be a clerical err as his parents are in 1841/1851 South Uist census' before his birth.

The only children we can not find an inkling of information for after the 1861 census are the 3 children below, all born in South Uist:

Margaret "Peggy" Buchanan b. 1846
Alexander Buchanan b. 1849
Catherine "Christy" b. 1851

Posted by: Iain MacKillop on 30-06-2011

Since the LDS site updates the address I gave is just for the secure new site (https) Copy into the address bar and you'll get the page I referred to with the the "INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX" option.

Posted by: Iain MacKillop on 30-06-2011

I found the batch number on the site. On the "INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX" option I typed "Duncan Buchanan"and chose British Isles, Scotland. There are four results, two of which are "03 Jul 1856" if you choose the Snizort one you will see the Batch Number at the bottom of the page.

Posted by: Mary Not Required on 28-06-2011

Thank you Ian,

They did move to South Uist, where did you find the Skye, Batch Number: 7303324, I'd be interested in seeing it.

Kind Regards,

Posted by: Iain MacKillop on 26-06-2011

Duncan Buchan's date of birth is recorded in the LDS website as being 03 Jul 1856 in South Uist with parents Angus and Catharine MacLellan. It is also recorded under Batch Number: 7303324 with Skye birth records but the Register House records at show only a South Uist registration for a Duncan Buchanan and none in Snizort so the family must have been still in Uist at the time. Hope this helps. Best regards, Iain.

Posted by: Mary Not Required on 16-02-2011

I have used Bill Lawson's material, unfortunately he has this family as leaving Benbecula to "unknown destination" when in fact they just moved to my search resumes.

I am searching for gg-aunts & uncles that lived in Govan up till 1864 with the passing of their mother. All the children were born in South Uist and moved to Govan sometime after 1955.

Angus Buchanan died 1860 in Govan, wife, Catharine MacLellan died 1864 Govan.

If anyone has a connection with the following, would you please contact me.

John Buchanan b. 1837 - heard he may have ended up in Ontario, Canada?
Donald Buchanan b. 1839 - married in Sct. & moved to South Africa
Margaret "Peggy" Buchanan b. 1846
Alexander Buchanan b. 1849
Catherine "Chirsty" Buchanan b.1851
Duncan Buchanan b. 1856 perhaps born in Snizort on their way to Govan

Other children of Angus & Catharine - that have been found
Mary Buchanan - have completed my findings
John Buchanan - have completed, my gg-grandfather
Isabella Buchanan - have completed my findings through her family

I would like to add their information into our family tree....thank you.

Posted by: Mary Not Required on 06-02-2011

I'm hoping to find anyone that may have information regarding gggrandparent siblings.
John Buchanan b. 1843, living in Bonhill, Alexandria in 1860's where he met and married Agnes Shearer in 1868. He had numerous siblings living in Goven for the 1861 census and then everyone of them disappeared. My search is for any siblings and what happened to them. They were all born in South Uist and moved to Goven abt. 1857.
List of siblings unable to find: Children of Angus Buchanan & Catharine MacLellan
John Buchanan b. 1837
Donald Buchanan b. 1839
Mary Buchanan b. 1843
Margaret (Peggy) Buchanan b. 1846
Alexander Buchanan b. 1849
Catherine (Chirsty) Buchanan b. 1851
Isabella Buchanan b. 1854 married Frederick Slater
Duncan Bucanan b. 1856
Anybody that knows of any of them, I would be ecstatic to hear from you!

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