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Help Required for New Gaelic Music Project

Title: Help Required for New Gaelic Music Project
Posted by: James Gray on 04-06-2010

Discussion: Hi
My Name is James Gray and I'm a composer for film and television based in Oban
I thought I'd get in touch with, as I am researching and looking for help with my new project ‘Ceòl Mo Sheanar’ - Music of my Grandfather - Donald 'Eachan' Mac Donald from Loch Eynort.

I am currently seeking funding from the Scottish Arts council to allow me to create, develop, and perform new music over the course of the next year.

I would be most appreciative any support, information, or help members of the website could give, I'd also like local musicians to get in touch.

Please find a project outline below.

‘Ceòl Mo Sheanar’ - Music of my Grandfather Project Outline

For a number of years now, I’ve wanted to investigate and bring back to life the work words and music of my Grandfather, Donald “Eachan” MacDonald of Loch Eynort, A crofter and composer who lived and worked his whole life in South Uist, in the Outer Hebrides.

As a child and for as long as I can remember, I’d hear my mother say “That’s my Father’s song on the radio” - As a composer myself, as I grow older, and have family of my own, the more drawn I am to South Uist, the more Eachan’s music connects with me.

I wish to research Eachan’s life and preserve his legacy, to reflect on it, and proudly continue his heritage by gathering original source recordings made fifty years ago and by recording memories of family friends and relatives, all of whom are in advanced years. Time is of the essence.

By using Eachan’s Original words, music, interviews, and composing new arrangements, I would like to weave a tapestry of old and new, creating cross-genre and cross-artform collaborations with contemporary Scottish Folk/ Orchestral Musicians, Film-makers, Photographers and Graphic Artists with a view to performing the finished work at a series of concerts.

If you are Interested in helping please take a few moments to answer the questions below and get in touch.

Do you see this project as having Artistic Merit

Do you see this project as having a commercial appeal

How and why would you like to be involved.

Mòran taing

James Gray

Replies to this post

Posted by: James Gray on 27-07-2011

Cathie you can get in touch with me via email at

Alison, many thanks for your kind wishes.

I'll be filming and recording in Uist from the 2nd of August 2011 and would still appreciate any help or information anyone may have on Donald “Eachan” MacDonald of Loch Eynort.

Mòran taing

James Gray

Posted by: Cathie Fraser on 11-06-2010

Could you post either or both please.

Posted by: Alison Ross on 06-06-2010

I cannot help much as a newcomer from New Zealand (only wish I could) but I think it sounds fantastic and I wish you well!

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