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Title: electricians????
Posted by: hannah and donald johnston and macallister on 08-05-2010

Discussion: Hi there! We are a 25 year old couple from the isle of colonsay and are looking into living on South Uist. Does anyone know if there is any work for electricians on the island? We were hoping to rent somewhere for the winter and hopefully get some work!


Hannah and Donald

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Posted by: Cathie Fraser on 23-05-2010

I'm from Benbecula and now live in Iochdar, South Uist where one day I hope to be accepted as a local ;)
As far as music goes, there's a lot of talent here but not a 'scene' as such which is a pity. It could be due to our geographical layout making it awkward for people to get from A to B, especially young musicians without transport, but also because our talent pool is constantly ebbing and flowing to and from the mainland. There is a small but popular accordian and fiddle club though, and plenty of youngsters (Primary 6 & 7 - Secondary, who would benefit from new tutors, so that could be an opening for you? Ceilidhs etc are thin on the ground apart from at holiday times, eg the Ceolas festival in early July brings tons of visitors, but the couple of decent venues here tend to be busy and the peripheral venues can be pretty flat.... Sorry, I wish I could be more positive. (You could, of course set up your own music scene, I'm not saying there are no opportunities).
You could also try the local college here which offers a very good music course. I think your first contact would be Sabhal Mor Ostaig in Skye for more info. The local campus in Benbecula might be able to direct you to members of the accordian &F club as well as links with current students.
I think you're right to come in September to check it out. Living here is very different from the small isles and your success rate in integrating into the local community doesn't just depend on the skills that you bring but also on personality, tolerance and dogged determination to stick in there. Best of luck!

Posted by: hannah and donald johnston and macallister on 23-05-2010

Thanks for the reply, that's great to here there's alot of work over there, what part of the island are you from Marion? I also play the accordion, I've been playing for quite a few years now with a few bands such as Burns brothers ceilidh band, Niall kirkpatrick and Hector mcfadyen who is my uncle and im keen to get involved in the music over there. Is there quite a big music scene on the island?
We're coming over for a wee visit in september to see whats its like and hopefully find somewhere to live and work!

Thanks again for the reply

Donald and Hannah

Posted by: Cathie Fraser on 21-05-2010

I can't believe no-one has answered this post yet! In my experience getting any tradesman in Uist is a complete nightmare. I recently had some electrical work done and found a wee snag (about 3 months ago) and having left several voicemail messages on various telephones, I'm still waiting for a visit from my electrician because his firm is SO BUSY. So get yourselves over here and stick a few ads in all the local shops, send fliers to the local businesses and get yourselves known in the local community by meeting people in the local pubs. (But don't get drunk or they'll think you're wasters, orite!) Tsk, people can be so judgemental...

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