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Translation of Aird Bhuidhe (Airdvuie) North Lochboisdale

Title: Translation of Aird Bhuidhe (Airdvuie) North Lochboisdale
Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 23-04-2010

Discussion: Can anyone tell me what this means and where it is please? It is on the 1891 census - residence of my ggrandparents Archibald Steel(e) & Janet Cumming. It is the only time it appears & I know they resided at Strome and have never heard of it.

Thanks in advance.

Anne Marie.

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Posted by: admin on 28-04-2010

Hi. Sounds quite plasible. Given the out there nicknames given to people from the Isles, it could more or less be anything. Some meanings we will just never know.

Similar lines, but I was referring to Stob Dearg in Glencoe, which has a red top from the mineral deposits at the top. Has to be seen, it's like walking on mars!.

Glad to be of help.


Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 28-04-2010

Thanks Eoghan,

There was a formation of rock which did have a yellow "moss-like" deposit but questionable as it was South facing but furryish to touch from my memories as a child.

I recall my own father referring to the very same place as "Strome Dearag" - spelling? but sounds like "Jerack" or "Jerag" if you would care to ask your Dad about the translation of that please.


Anne Marie.

Posted by: admin on 24-04-2010

Hello Anne Marie. I have consulted the old man, and it translates as "High Yellow" which implies, high yellow top.

Typically, with most Gaelic naming conventions, it probably relates to the colouration of a close rock formation. Our own old house back home was called Carraig Dhonn, the brown or dark rock, and sure enough, the shore rock is dark/brown coloured.

Most examples relate to hill tops, a classic would be "Stob Dearg", the most prominent hill, and supposedly the most photographed mountain in Scotland. Hope this helps. Eoghan

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