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Are we welcome?

Title: Are we welcome?
Posted by: Lyn Maple on 14-04-2010

Discussion: We are planning a trip to the Islands for the month of May ..... but reading the forum postings I wonder if we are still welcome?? We have a small camper van ... use some sites ( such as they are) and some wild camping ( never leaving rubbish etc).We felt very welcome last year and asked permisson if near a croft. We use the shops and buy diesel.... and have come over on the ferry. What more can we do? !!

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Posted by: Cathie Fraser on 09-06-2010

Surely Lyn was on a wind-up when she posted the 'are we welcome' thread? The glaringly obvious answers were articulately provided by Eoghan, Archie and Seamus who have only said what any rational person should already be aware of. Duh! Yes you are welcome if you can follow some very simple guidelines i.e. the ones you hopefully learned from your parents or from school, which are to RESPECT the lives and property of other people, to be TOLERANT of different cultures and values, and to be prepared to COMPROMISE when things don't always go exactly your way.
Any other stupid posts I can respond to?

Posted by: Archie Mackay on 24-04-2010

Hi Lyn,

We mentioned the stir that the great influx of camper vans were causing in the local paper last year, but rest assured that most locals know the fault belongs with the local authority, who never thought to improve facilities in light of the obvious increase that was expected with the introduction of RET on the ferries.

You'll be pleased to know that one local crofter in North Uist has identified the need for more facilites and has opened a new site near Carinish. Please come and enjoy your visit, you're most welcome :-)


Posted by: admin on 15-04-2010

Lyn, of course you are. Have a great time and don't forget to wipe your feet when you come off the ferry now :-p

Have a most excellent time.

Posted by: Michael MacDonald on 15-04-2010

I don't live in uist anymore but i think the islanders welcome everyone who goes up there. I'm sure you will be more than welcome if you respect the island and the islanders,enjoy!

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