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Fishing on South Uist

Title: Fishing on South Uist
Posted by: Ronnie MacLennan on 14-04-2010

Discussion: Myself and a fishing pal will be arriving on South Uist next week for a long weekend fishing. Having spent many years fishing Sutherlands remote hill lochs we decided to hop of a Calmac and get fishing the Islands (after hearing so much praise for them). My first question is regarding permits for the hill lochs... is there lots of estates that you have to get permits for or can you source permits for the island?
Also, as we're completly new to Uist, we'd be keen to know of some of the fishing hotspots and beauty spots. We enjoy the big fish but also love the traditional hill loch excitment of lots of wee ones! Think we have 3 fishing days so looking for a wide varity.
We're presuming Sunday fishing is a "no no", or is that old news!
Hope you can help.

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Posted by: Steven Rodger on 26-04-2010

Permits can be had at the post office in creagorry. Once you get there a you will realise that a long week end is not long enough .hope you enjoy the fishing can you let me know how you get on as i will be up in June for a week.
Stevie Rodger.

Posted by: Ronnie MacLennan on 18-04-2010

thanks for all that info. very helpful.. especially sincve you've given us an extra day fishing... that old forum list of lochs looks very helpful!
Only remaining question is regards permits?

Posted by: admin on 15-04-2010

Ronnie, Welcome to the site.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no hill lochs, with only Loch Spotal or Corradale qualifying, if your criterion is a loch thats basin is in a hill.

There are hundreds of moor land lochs, you should check out an earlier post on the matter:

As for fishing on sundays, most of my fishing was done on saturdays and sundays. Used to hate sundays back home... school the next day was depressing.

Have a great time.

Posted by: Michael MacDonald on 15-04-2010

that's old news!!

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