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Broadband in North Uist?

Title: Broadband in North Uist?
Posted by: Jodi Cameron on 07-03-2010

Discussion: Does anyone know if you can get broadband in the Blashaval area, North Uist ?

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Posted by: admin on 24-04-2010

Hi Archie, you are totally right.

I did learn today that people are using Sky broadband too.

Every day is a school day.

Posted by: Archie Mackay on 24-04-2010

Hi Jodi,

The broadband facility, as you've identified, is dependent on where you live. There is BT Broadband available to those close enough to the main exchanges in South Uist and Benbecula, but North Uist is a little more complex and so is served by the 'Connected Communities' wireless broadband network; aka Hebnet or ConCom.

You're correct that it is more expensive. It is also a bit slower than BT Broadband (I have speeds of up to 7mb at work and 2mb at home - a bit further away from the exchange). As far as I'm aware, ConCom is less than 1mb, or for higher speeds it's more expensive. I think there's also a usage limit that you get charged extra for exceeding.

However, it's better than nothing, I suppose, and if you do find yourself considering a different option, you may find that you will be able to get broadband through your phone. On the other hand, there are some blackspots that cannot get wireless either, so be sure to find that out if you do choose a place farther from the exchange.

Eoghan - time you did a bit of swotting on the technological availabilities in Uist me thinks! ;-)

Posted by: Jodi Cameron on 20-03-2010

Hi Eoghan,

I have since found out that it is possible to get broadband on Uist, well its called Hebnet to be precise, LOL.

Apparantley it all depends on the location of the property & a survey is needed to test for this.

The cost of Hebnet is more expensive than broadband on the main land, but atleast its an option if needed which I thought was quite good.

Posted by: admin on 20-03-2010

Hello Jodi. I really on broadband myself, but I have to say this, the dial up connections in Uist gave me close of 56K download speed, and I could do all my web progamming nonsense I needed to do. I know that people have broadband in Uist, I am unclear on what or where you need to be to qualify. Dongles are no use, at all.

Might be best to get on the blower to BT and ask them outright.


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