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moving to south uist

Title: moving to south uist
Posted by: amanda mansell on 17-01-2010

Discussion: hi everyone. we would like to say that we have already experienced the warmth and friendliness of the Western Isles earlier this year on a short holiday. However, we are now in the process of moving to South Uist as my husband has recently taken a job there. That warmth and friendliness was again in evidence last week when we were back on the Island for the interview, and from this experience we are very much looking forward to working and living within the South Uist community. We are looking forward to making new friends and enjoying the benefits of living within an island community. We are originally from Yorkshire so have much to learn, but we have also been living in Scotland for the past year as training!? Any advice on how to become a fully integrated member of the South Uist community would be welcome. Amanda Mansell

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Posted by: Andrew Whitelaw on 18-06-2010

Hi - I've spent numerous holidays on Uist (North & South) and seriously considering relocating the island. However, i'm not sure where to start when looking for employment. I've doen the usual searches on line but nothing much seems to be coming up...can anyone help?



Posted by: Jackie Warner on 17-06-2010

Hi there. I have produced a rather rough copy of a "Hebridean A-z" of what to find and where and when. If you are are still thinking of moving or indeed you have done so - then please email and I can send you a copy. I have been here 8 years and it is the most amazing place.


Posted by: Jennifer Foote on 30-01-2010

Hello Amanda,

I too will be moving to south usit in the next few weeks so have been reading the replies to your questions with interest

Posted by: Cathie Fraser on 22-01-2010

Hi there Amanda, sometimes it's the little things that help you to integrate successfully, for example, you'll find the weather here can be pretty windy and wet for much of the year so book a regular appointment with a local hairdresser for a wash and blow-dry or whatever treatment interests you. Not only will this make you feel better but you'll also catch up on local news, opinions and meet other ladies. The islanders can be quite reserved, (though always friendly and polite) and it helps to show that you are interested in involving yourself while not attempting to take over, - a common problem with 'in-comers' who sometimes think they can re-invent the wheel! The locals are adept at finding ways to beat the weather and other local difficulties so listen and learn. The local shops always have notices up of interesting events, and it's also worth subscribing to the (monthly) local paper 'Am Paipear' which, if you are a writer, you could also post articles to. How about offering them a monthly update on 'Moving to Uist'? If musically inclined, you'll be happily accepted at the 'Accordian and Fiddle club' events, and the local college in Liniclate often runs classes for all manner of traditional music taste. I'm not affiliated to a local church group, but if you're religious it can be a very easy way to get to know similar minded people. The local clergy are very welcoming, but even if you don't belong to a particular church you are still welcome to attend their many events as a guest, e.g. whist drives, bingo, ceilidhs, dance classes and lots of other stuff. feel free to go along to any Sunday services just to get a 'feel' for the way of life practised by so many here. One more thing, there really is a world of difference between mainland ways and island ways, and many incomers just don't seem to understand this. Make a bit of effort to get to know the locals, and avoid joining a clique of 'newbies'. By the way; locals don't phone to make an appointment before visiting, - they just 'drop by'. Expect this, and be ready to always offer a cup of tea, and do the same yourself. Don't be afraid to just 'call in on passing', you'll always be made welcome. You'll be asked a thousand questions (in the nicest possible way!) so just be honest and enjoy the 'crack'. Give as good as you get. Failte gu Uibhist!

Posted by: iain macrury on 22-01-2010

hello amanda ,hope you will enjoy settling in south uist , my wife has recently moved to south uist from yorkshire im sure if your looking for a coffee or chat she would be happy to meet you ,you can contact us through this site if its helpful ,

yours iain macrury

Posted by: Marie Campbell on 22-01-2010

Hello Amanda - I work for the Council as a community development worker, so know a bit about what goes on in the area and would be happy to pass on information etc.
As for fully integrating - well I've been here for 10 years and am still learning!!

Email me on mariecampbell1@btinternet if you want when you are settled and we can take it from there

Yours Marie Campbell

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