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why not

Title: why not
Posted by: anne gordon on 17-05-2008

Discussion: hi can you explain why every time i come on this site there is no one on .also why i cant get into the chat room THE DISCUSSIONS PAGE GOES UP TO 14TH sEP BUT WHAT YEAR

YOURS Anne Gordon

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Posted by: admin on 24-04-2010

Hi Anne Marie. As a regular contributor to the site, in particular the help and advice you have given to others, I would like to thank you.

In order to answer your question, I have to set the scene a little. This version of the site, took considerable time to get together, during 2005/6. The site is being overhauled at the moment and busying myself trying to create a new site template which is standards compliant, a bit wider, and with more features. There are a numvber of areas that need improving and there are some things which will get binned in the next version. The photo gallery for instance will be made public, with the forum, and members area remaining secure.

The chatroom was a modified version of a flash client I had from a CD from an old book. I am not happy with it at all, and I am going to bin it in the next versiona and write my own AJAX chat client instead that will allow anyone that is logged on to chat within the site, a bit like the face book chat client.

Over the last few months I have received a few emails about it, but I have decided to get rid of it, and spend most of the time just moderating this version, which will be moth balled when the new site launches.

The chatroom was just a bit of added value, and I could make it auto sign on when logged into the site, but there are some security issues with it, and for that reason I am not going to.

If you have any other ideas you would like to see on the site, then let me know.


Posted by: Anne Marie (MacKinnon) on 23-04-2010

Hi Eoghan,

Is there a reason why us "members" have to sign in AGAIN to chat? Would it not be more beneficial to us all, yourself included if it was easier to access. I think it would attract more members if it was more accessible?

Just a thought/idea as the site is fantastic.

Anne Marie.

Posted by: Kasia Dixon on 22-05-2008

Maybe I've missed it, but it would be good to be able to see at a glance who is actually online. Just now there are four others but I don't know how to contact them other than searching through all members. Just an idea.

Posted by: admin on 18-05-2008


Hello there and thanks for your comments. I have sorted the forum date issue and you should now be able to see these clearly.

The number of members online is displayed at the top left of the page, just under the logo. There are usually quite a few people online, and guests online refers to users that are just browsing the site and are not logged on.

The chat room unfortunately is rarely used. I am open to any suggestions on how to make this more attractive to users. If you have any ideas then I would be glad to hear them.

Kindest regards,

Posted by: Michael Cowley on 18-05-2008

i am going to join the site using a different name so i can always find someone else in chat room.

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