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Is it possible

Title: Is it possible
Posted by: Donald MacKechnie on 06-09-2007

Discussion: Hi, just wondering if it is possible to look at any records, i.e. school, rentals and such like for the years 1901-14, having been doing my family tree for a while it has only just come to my attention that my Grandfather was living in Ardamonie in the 1901 census report, just trying to find out were he would have went to school and such like and if he stayed on the Island until he left to join the Cameron Highlanders to serve in the Great War. He was living with his Mother, Flora MacPherson and her brother, his uncle, Donald MacPherson, whom I am led to believe emigrated to Canada at some point, dont know when yet, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Posted by: Donald MacKechnie on 31-01-2008

Hi Christine, have to say, I'm not sure, will have to do some digging, what was the name of the Donald MacPherson's wife that you have, or of his siblings that emigrated, it may help, it may also help in the fact that if it is my Donald MacPherson your mother may have known my grandfather that went over to stay with him and his family before returning to The Uists.

Thanks, Donald.

PS It maybe we have other links, I also have Blacks and Buchanans in my tree from Benbecula, I think the line goes back to John MacPherson and Flora MacDonald with them, circa 1750.

Posted by: Christine Watson on 31-01-2008

Hi Donald: I don't know if this is "your" Donald MacPherson, but there was one who emigrated to Canada with a number of settlers in April of 1923. He was one of Father Andrew MacDonell's emigrants and settled in Clandonald, Alberta. This MacPherson came over with two of his daughters and settled first, in Ohatan, and later in Clandonald. Most of his family came over later, when he was settled. I have all kinds of information about him as well as pictures.

His daughters were friends of my mother's and I remember them well from my childhood. There were twins, Mary and Delinah (Delinah stayed in Scotland, another Mary, Annie (the fun one!), a brother who died at Dunkirk ... This is just off the top of my head. I have the info in files.

My name, by the way, is Christine Watson, and my family is from South Uist, as well: Morrisons and MacIntyres. I've been doing research for the last two years on Father MacDonell and a previous emigration under Lady Gordon Cathcart. My goal is to write a book -- and I had better, otherwise I just have too much information in my head for any other use.

Don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of help. Ditto for anyone else looking for Canadian emigrants from South Uist, Benbecula, or Barra. I have lists of names and departation dates.

All the best,

Posted by: Donald MacKechnie on 09-09-2007

Thanks Eoghan, it is Ardnamonie, spelling goes off at times, if it helps at all, Flora MacPherson moved to Griminish, Benbecula at some point, probably when her brother emigrated to Canada, I know at some point she lived in The Gamekeepers cottage, who I think was a MacKinnon before moving to the small cottage next to St Mary's church in Griminish, of which you can still see the remains, I know that even Dad stayed in that cottage when he was a boy, either him or one of his brothers or sisters always stayed there with Flora who was there Grandmother.

Posted by: admin on 07-09-2007

Hello there Donald. I take it you have omitted the 'n' from Ardnamonie, or perhaps you could be talking about somewhere completely different. Regardless I shall ask the old dear, she was born in Ardnamonie and might have an inkling. I will get back to you this evening, Eoghan

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