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Dougald MacCormack

Title: Dougald MacCormack
Posted by: Jim MacCormack on 26-02-2016

Discussion: My name is Jim MacCormack and i live in Cape Breton.

My GGG grandfather, Dougald MacCormack, emigrated initially to PEI on the Jane in 1790. In 1813 he came to Cape Breton and I am a direct descendant.

Dougald left from the Isle of Eigg. I have completed my family tree from Dougald on down to this day.
On the same ship were Donald MacCormack of Frobost, his brother Angus, Boisdale, and their sister Nancy (MacCormack) Morrison.

I am trying to establish what relationship, if any, Dougald may have had with the South Uist MacCormacks.

I do have a fair amount of info on the South Uist MacCormacks and their forefathers Dougald and the boat builder Neil. I suspect that "my" Dougald's father may have gone from South Uist circa 1740-50 as part of a repopulation initiative.but I cannot substantiate that.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that could cast some light on my search.

Replies to this post

Posted by: Irene Sharkley on 13-09-2019

Does anyone have names of families who arrived in Sydney, Nova Scotia, on the ship The Harmony in 1821?

Posted by: Shirley Croton on 13-09-2019

Hi Jim
I am wanting any information on my Paternal Grandfathers Family from South Uist. Angus MacCormack married Catherine Johnstone, and Neil Gordon MacCormack was born from their marriage. Neil Gordon MacCormack is my Grandfather.
Neil emigrated to New Zealand in early 1900,s and never made it back home
I would love any information on any living Family as will be visiting South Uist in 2020 and its my lifelong wish to connect with my Scottish heritage. Thank you

Posted by: Louise Height on 24-03-2018

Hi Jim, I am likewise from Cape Breton and researching my MacCormack connections. I have come across your ancestor Dougald's name on the ship list for the Jane and wondered about his connection as well. In his book "Highland Heritage and Freedom's Quest", John R. MacCormack lays out his genealogy going back to one Neil MacCormack. Neil's son Dougald had a son Donald and I've wondered if your Dougald might be Donald's son, named naturally after his grandfather Dougald. The timeline works and would put your Dougald in the same generation as the three others who arrived with him (Donald, Angus and Nancy). The MacCormack family in the Western Illes was a very small one and I would be surprised if your Dougald was not a cousin. Hope this is useful to you ... Regards ... Louise Height

Posted by: James Morrison on 06-04-2016

Greetings, Jim. I wish I could help with your questions. Part of your post, though, was interesting to me and I hope you don't mind. I am a descendant of Hugh Morrison and Nancy MacCormack Morrison. We have found little on the South Uist history of either person apart from the list of passengers on the Jane, 1790. We did visit PEI and find quite a bit there. (Also Cape Breton and loved it.)

My wife and I will visit South Uist for a few days next month (May, 2016). I notice you mentioned having info on the South Uist MacCormacks. Can you point me to some sources for such information for them or the Morrison family of South Uist? I'd love to find out more. Thanks in advance if you can help.

Posted by: Irene Sharkley on 03-03-2016

Hi Jim. I am also a CB er. I am searching fir a Mac/McCormick as well. From the census data I have noted: living with Zachariah Burchell and Sara Devine (Zach being my great grandfather on my mother's side), Sara's mother who was also named Sara, who was born in 1811 in Scotland, and arrived in NS (Cape Breton?) in 1821.
We had a large portrait of woman who Poppy Burchell and others referred to as Lady McCormick. It was an old, dark picture and the Lady wirk a dark, high-necked dress with a high collar and some white around the nevkline..maybe lace, I can't quite recall, but the material looked like it would have been shiny... maybe.
We were told the story in simple terms. Basically, she wad a Lafy who was not Catholic, but she fell in love with the gardener , who was Catholic. As a result she was disowned or disinherited so she left Scotland. Sometimes Poppy aldo referred to Wales.
So Sara who was born in 1811 came to the "new world" , so to speak, in 1821. So she was a young girl aged 10. She grew up and martied Charles Devine and they had children , one of whom was Sara who married Zack my great grandfather.
My research questionis : who were young Sara's (nee 1811), parents. She came over on a ship in 1821 and they brought big pictures and things, maybe futniture too, so whom accompanied her?

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