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Tesco delivers to the Outer Hebrides

Title: Tesco delivers to the Outer Hebrides
Posted by: John Kirriemuir on 05-04-2007

Discussion: Seriously; they also cover South Uist. You have to do it using a third-party company, but it works. The procedure is on my blog:

So if you are thinking of moving to the Uists, you can get just about anything you could on the mainland.

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Posted by: Iain MacMillan on 26-09-2007

I think the Co-Op are the one of the best of a bad lot. Supermarkets are all pretty ruthless, they say they care about you, but if you never had the voice of money (money talks) would they still care? However, most local shops are horrible grubby little places where if persuaded, then staff could (and they do in private) blow a few shiny whistles, so you can't win. In Uist I don't think their is any need whatsoever to go to the extent of having your grocery shopping delivered by a haulage company, though in saying that, we are not too far away from getting Ferry prices slashed, so I'd be up for signing a petition to somehow force island store prices to be slashed too, and that includes delivery to the islands. I don't often use the word 'hate' but I do hate it when I commit to buy something online, then they say 'Please add £5.00' or even 10x that because of where we live; that is something that in this day and age should be addressed, then maybe online shopping might seem more appealing. As said in the Honda ad 'Hate something. Change something.' i.e. see hate as an opportunity to change.

Posted by: admin on 05-04-2007

I just read your blog there John, and very interesting.

I can't see myself straying from the good old co-op though, even in Glasgow.

The old Tesco's are not very popular in Partick at the moment, as they are setting up shop near St Simons church. The supermarket that the are building [a hyper market I believe] will kill all the traditional grocery shops in the area.

Tesco -> Bad people, co-op -> Nice people.

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