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McAulays and O'Hanleys from South Uist to Prince Edward Island

Title: McAulays and O'Hanleys from South Uist to Prince Edward Island
Posted by: Cherie Broomer on 08-09-2007

Discussion: My mother and I are researching our family tree. We are from Canada. The first people in our family that came to Prince Edward Island from South Uist were Alexander McAulay, his wife Rebecca O'Hanley and her brothers Malcolm and Archibald O'Hanley. Alexander & Rebecca's son Angus - my g/g/grandfather - was born in 1810 in Prince Edward Island. We think Alexander and Rebecca arrived sometime between 1800 - 1810. Family first names that were often repeated through the generations were Alexander, Angus, Archibald, John,Donald, Ronald, Catherine, Sarah, Rebecca, Emma.

We think Alexander might be related to Malcolm MacAulay who emigrated to PEI in 1803 with his wife and several sons. One son was John MacAulay born 1785 in South Uist. Another son was Donald born in PEI - 1808 apx. Unfortunately, we don't have the names of his other sons.

I know it a long time ago but any suggestions about where to find early records about MacAulay's and O'Hanleys that emigrated to Prince Edward Island from South Uist around this time would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading this rather long post.
Cherie Broomer & Sarah MacAulay

Replies to this post

Posted by: Hugh O'Handley on 28-09-2008

Hi Cherie,
My name is Hugh O'Handley Jr., my Dad came to the States from CBI but his 1st relative in Canada came from South Uist in 1823 to PEI and then he and his family of 9 or 10 joined others from S. Uist on CBI in 1827. Earlier then your folks but I'm certain the same family. Some family names Eoghann, John, Angus, Hugh Daniel, Alex (ander), Sarah, Catherine, Donald, Douglas, Ronald, Sadie; relatives and neighbors: Steele, MacInnis, MacIntire. My G,G,G Grandfather was refered to as MacDougal I believe because his Dad back in Sout Uist was named Douglas or Dougal and for some reason I know his father was named Donald. The name O'Handley got changed a bit due to language and accent differences Scotland to Canada, I believe. I have much of this written down but I am in Iraq and not due back to the States until December 08. I live in Pelzer, SC now.
Regards, Hugh

Posted by: Cherie Broomer on 28-10-2007

Hi David. I've been away and just saw your post. I'll give those sites a try and thanks for the suggestions.

Posted by: David MacLeod on 29-09-2007 this website may be of some help in tracking people if you know roughly when they emigrated.
You might also look here
Another site is & look up schools in uist most of the family names are still there.

Good luck

Posted by: Cherie Broomer on 23-09-2007

Hi Mary:
Thank you so much for your response and also for the suggestions about websites where I might get more information. Although, Rosemary O'Hanley, her husband Alexander McAuley and her brothers Archibald and Malcolm O'Hanley were all living in Prince Edward Island, Canada before 1851, it would still be good to look at the census records from 1851.
Best of luck with your own family research.

Posted by: mary michie on 16-09-2007

Try Scotlands People another web page i use to get information on uist people

regards mary

Posted by: mary michie on 16-09-2007

I have also been building my familly tree and know for fact that my granny's mum was O'Henly from south uist then moved to eirskey when she married Neil Walker,
the site that i have been using is
go to inverness and they hold all the records since 1851 hope this will help in your search

best wishes
Mary Catherine Michie nee MacKay

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