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Alexander Currie son of Duncan from South Uist to Cape Breton

Title: Alexander Currie son of Duncan from South Uist to Cape Breton
Posted by: Jessie Ross on 27-01-2017

Discussion: I'm looking for information on an Alexander Currie. He was from South Uist and came to Cape Breton in the 1820's. He married Ann McIntyre in 1833 here (I have a record for that) and was Roman Catholic.

In the book "A West Wind to East Bay" on page 58 it states, "Another Currie family that originated in East Bay, but eventually settled in Glace Bay, was that of ALEXANDER Currie. I am told that his father's name was Duncan and that his mother was a MacDonald, but I have been unable to verify this or make any connection with the other Currie families we are discussing. Alexander was born in South Uist and was drowned along with his brother-in-law off Glace Bay According to the records of Sacred Heart Parish, Sydney, he married Anne MacIntyre in 1833. They had at leaset ten children: I. Angus; II. Sandy; III. Mary Sarah; IV. Mary Ann; V Jane; the twins, VI. Daniel and VII. Mary; VIII. Ronald; IX. Catherine; and X. Joseph." It then goes on to discuss the children and their descendants. I do have a death record for Alexander.

Interestingly enough a witness to Alexander (who was also called Alex at times) was a man named Ronald (Renald Curry on Alexander's death record) Currie, whom I am assuming was a brother or cousin.

On page 55 of the same book Ronald is listed as Raonull and it states the following: "There was a family of Curries settled at Gillis Lake. This was the family of RAONULL Curry, son of Domhnull, son of Iain, son of Domhnull, of Druimmor, South Uist. He was born in Scotland, but died before the 1871 census and, so, I have no dates for him." It goes on to list who he married and their descendants.

Than later on page 62 of the same book it goes on to state: "The next family of Curries to be treated here is the family of LACHLANN mac IAIN 'ic DHONNCHAIDH 'ic SHEUMAIS ("Laughlin, son of John, son of Duncan, son of James"). He was born in Scotland and came and settled in the backlands of North Side East Bay between MacAdam's Lake and Steele's Crossing. I don't know who his wife was and I believe he died shortly after coming to this country. He had at least two children that I know of: OIGHRIG; and LACHLANN. I have been told that there were at least three other children: DOMHNULL; DOMHNULL BAN; and AGNES, but of these I know nothing more. There is the possibility that one of these Domhnulls was the father of Raonull Currie, who settled at Gillis Lake. In one of his articles in The Casket Michael D. Currie said that Raonull's father was Domhnull mac Iain 'ic Dhomhnuill. There could have been a typographical error introduced when Michael D.'s letter was being transcribed for printing at the newspaper office. Perhaps it should have read "Domhnull mac Iain 'ic Dhonnchaidh". I have not been able to locate Michael D.'s papers, so I cannot compare the originals with the newspaper articles."

I am trying to find out if there is more information on my Alexander and how he pertains to the Curries of South Uist.

There was a lady named Joanne searching (located in the comments of that was searching for an Alex Currie who had a "natural" daughter born about 1828 to a Margaret McVicar and the daughter's name was Flora Currie. Margaret McVicar was born about 1780-1785 and it's possible that that Alex and my Alex could be the same one as hers was purported to come to Cape Breton in the late 1820's before the birth of Flora.

I am curious if any of this is familiar and if my Alexander's paternal line could be traced further.

Any direction or advice would be greatly appreciated in my search.

Thank you.


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Posted by: Duncan Currie on 16-09-2017

My name is Duncan Currie I am from Cape Breton Nova Scotia I am trying to find information on my family. My Great Grand father was Alexander Currie born March 4th,1866 and married a Bridget Ling. They were from the New Waterford area of Cape Breton. His father was Duncan Currie and he was married to a Sarah Quann. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Duncan

Posted by: Jessie Ross on 04-02-2017

Hi DH,

I do have the Glenaladale book because I seem to have so many DNA match ties to the bunch.

Unfortunately the Duncan aged 2 that came over with his parents Alexander Currie and Isabel Fitzgerald is not my Duncan. This Duncan married a Margaret MacDougald (MacDougall). Although they did have a son named Alexander, he was not my Alexander. This family can be seen on the 1838 census here: (

My family can be found here: (

There is probably some relation between the families, but it is unknown at this point.

As for the brick, it's on it's way ;)


Posted by: D Harper on 29-01-2017

Hi Jessie,

A Duncan Curry (aged 2 yrs) emigrated with his parents (Alexander & Isabell) to PEI in 1772 aboard the ship Alexander. He married a PEI MacDonald. The family later moved to East Bay.

Last summer, the PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society published a book identifying most of the Alexander's 214 passengers - an incredible achievement! The book contains profiles of 183 passengers including the above Curry passengers. You can order the book at

The Glenaladale Heritage Trust has launched a fundraising campaign to purchase and preserve the original estate of Captain John MacDonald who led the "Glenaladale settlers" to PEI from Scotland. You will find details at the above site. Perhaps you will consider "buying a brick."


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