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Angus Campbell [1743 - 1833]

Title: Angus Campbell [1743 - 1833]
Posted by: Albert McMahill on 17-01-2017

Discussion: Greetings - I am the long time partner of Patricia Gould, who is 7 generations removed from Angus Campbell of South Uist [1743-1833], who emigrated to Prince Edward Island in -- we believe -- 1772 and helped build the first St Columba church there on East Point in 1804. Others from South Uist who we understand joined in that building effort after emigrating with Angus included Charles McEachern, Neil and John MacDonald, John Campbell, and Galcon McInnis. In celebration of our 30th anniversary and my 70th year we will be visiting South Uist in September of this year, 2017. [My forebear is one John McMickle of the Kilmicheal/Glassery area in Argyll and we will be visiting there as well prior to boarding the ferry to Lochboisdale.] We would LOVE to receive any help we can in tracking down information on Angus [who married Ann/Anne, though we have no idea when or where]. Last summer we visited PEI and made contact with P's relatives there, who still live and farm right next to Campbell's Cove, just down the road from the church. We are hoping to stand on the land that Angus trod as well, along with meeting any relatives we can locate. Any support would be GREATLY appreciated. Sincerely, Al and Patrica in Durham (not the real one) North Carolina in the states

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Posted by: D Harper on 13-02-2017

Hi Patricia,
I was so pleased to read your last post; it brought me joy too!
I came across this by chance the other day and remembered your interest in St. Columba's church. See page 29:

ps: for Martin too if he hasn't seen it.

Posted by: Albert McMahill on 11-02-2017

This is Patricia. What joy I feel. You sent me my connection to Margaret, my great great grand! I've been looking for her. AND a whole other family the McEacherns. I have different dates for births of George and Flora's children and news to share to about what happened to the Boston, MA people. My Hebridean roots were disconnected early as my mom's parents died when she was five (dad) and seven (mom). Our Irish folks raised her and her sister and we never knew anything about our Campbell side. I'm so looking forward to standing in their space.
Thank you and others who have responded.

Posted by: D Harper on 09-02-2017

I do hope you learn something new from the Glenaladale book. You seem to have a pretty good summary there already. One of my Campbell cousins (a contributor to the book) has a web site that might be of interest. It’s possible you’ll find something new among the newspaper items.

The Island Register also contains heaps of information on PEI families and lists other useful resources. I believe this page contains a short mention of your Campbell’s.

Posted by: Albert McMahill on 03-02-2017

Martin (And Anyone Else Who Wants To Join This Adventure) -

First, yes indeed, you are correct . . . the man who we are now lovingly referring to as "The Original Angus" was born in 1744, arrived on PEI on the Brig Alexander in 1772 as part of the Glenaladale Settlers and died in 1828. And it makes total sense that his son John helped build the original church in 1806, since TOA would have been 62 at that point.

That said, the question now is "Which John?", since our review of notes that we have been collecting/receiving suggest that Angus and Ann had the following children, though we can't really figure out in what order: Alexander, Malcolm, Duncan (1787?), John Sr., Angus, John Jr., James (1779?), Donald, and Mary (1797?). There is possibly a Marion and a Myrna also. This squares pretty well with the numbers in the 1841 census (though we are frustrated with that document since there are no names attached or any other information either really). Such is life.

Meanwhile, Patricia's line to/from "TOA" is (from nearest to furthest date-wise) as follows . . .

1 - Catherine Campbell & Robert Gould (P's parents / Robert is first generation from Clifden on the west coast of Ireland by the way; what's with this western coast thing anyway?) :-)

2 - Tobias Campbell & Kathleen Lydon (parents of Catherine)

3 - George Campbell & Flora Campbell (parents of Tobias / it was apparently Flora's maiden name as well)

4 - Joseph Campbell & Mary Ann McDonald (parents of Flora)

5 - Donald Campbell & Flora Beaton (parents of Joseph)

6 - The Original Angus and Ann Macmillan (parents of Donald - see above)

Hope this helps us somehow.

BTW, we have purchased the book mentioned above by D Harper, so that may be of some help; we anxiously await its arrival.

Anybody else out there? As those famous philosophers from the states Sonny and Cher once observed, "The Beat Goes On."

ARM & PAG (yes"Ann" with no "e" . . . hmmmmmm)

Posted by: martin campbell on 30-01-2017

I am very familiar with Bernard and Marie. Bernard is my godfather. I grew up 2 farms to the west of where Bernard currently lives. my brother Cecil still lives there. the John you mentioned would be Bernard's brother. his daughter Kelly is younger than me but was very close to some of my younger sisters.
you mentioned in your original post that the church was built by Angus, in fact it was john who built the original church. it was located on the land just west of where Kelly no lives and just north of the brook. I believe it was abandoned in the early 1820's when john oversaw the construction of a new church on the current location in Fairfield. I live in Alberta now but still maintain a summer home on the western property that abuts the St. Columba church. I also still own one of the original 100 farms in Campbell's Cove just to the west of Bernard.
Bernard and I are cousins as are many the come from that district such as the Macaulay's, MacEachrens, Iacintyres, Macphees etc. a lot of the knowledge I have from the area is anecdotal that was giving to me by my grandfather ( Aeneas Howard Campbell. born 1891 and married to Carrie Jane MacAuley. I have lately taken an interest in documenting some information so I can pass on to my grandsons. it is nice to hear from someone with similar interests. if you were to reply to my email, I can forward some documents that may interest you such as a history of st. Columba by fr. dollinger, various census forms etc.

Posted by: Albert McMahill on 29-01-2017

Hello Martin -- How nice to hear from you. And you are so right; Angus was born in 1845 and passed away in 1828. And yes, he was married to a woman named Ann, though we did not know her surname till you shared it with us. I believe we DO have more info for you, but first a quick question . . . the relative we met our visit last summer was Marie Campbell (partner of Bernard, who was out buying lobster at Souris at the time so we missed him), who graciously spent time with us and then introduced us by phone to John (a former school teacher), who I have been staying in touch with sporadically since then. (At one point, in fact, there was a gap in our communication because he was being visited by family members who were from . . . you may have guessed it . . . Alberta !! At any rate, Marie and Bernard live right across the road from the Cove, and Bernard's daughter lives with her partner (an English fellow) right ON the shores of the Cove. Does any of this make sense to you? Let me know and onward we'll go . . . . Look forward to hearing from you. Peace, Al

Posted by: D Harper on 29-01-2017


That sounds like a wonderful trip and a fine way to celebrate the milestones you mention.

While on the island last year, did you happen to come across the “Glenaladale Settlers 1772: Scotland to St. John Island” book published by the PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society? The book identifies most passengers/emigrants to PEI in 1772 on the ship Alexander. Profiles of your Angus & Ann are included.

The book is available at and is part of a fundraising initiative by the Glenaladale Heritage Trust to purchase the original estate of Captain John MacDonald (my line) who brought over the Glenaladale settlers. They have also launched a campaign whereby one can buy a (virtual) brick in Glenaladale House. I have purchased a couple in memory of my forebears. Perhaps you will consider the same.


Posted by: martin campbell on 27-01-2017

hello from Alberta.
I grew up in Campbell's cove and am a descendant of Angus.
I know his stone is still legible in the St. Columba cemetery.
it show he was born 1845 and died 1828 in Campbell's cove.
his wife was Ann Macmillan
my line is martin from Ronnie Campbell/avonetta smith
Aeneas Howard Campbell/ Carrie Jane MacAuley
John R Campbell/Agnes MacIsaac
Angus Campbell/Agnes MacNeil
that's as far back as I know. unsure as to who my ancestor between Angus/Agnes and Angus/Ann
if you have any info it would be much appreciated.

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