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McCormicks to Cape Breton, Canada1821.

Title: McCormicks to Cape Breton, Canada1821.
Posted by: Irene Sharkley on 03-03-2016

Discussion: Does anyone have names of passengers who sailed from Scotland to Canada in 1821 on the ship the Harmony? or onshipss that arrived in Pictou,NS in 1821?

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Posted by: Julanne Steele Clyde on 03-01-2018

Hello, there is information regarding the Harmony on the following website

J Steele

Posted by: kathleen GILLIS on 06-10-2017

Hi there, I am looking for a Harmony passenger list from 1821. My ancestor, Hugh Gillis came to Nova SCotia on this ship, and I am iterested to see if there was other family with him, and who else from Barra came on that ship. I know there were lots of Barra people that came on the ship. I also have a lreative Neil Macpherson? Who died on that voyage ... I'm interested in the stories of the ship, the people, and the trip. Does anyone have any info?

Posted by: Irene Sharkley on 06-04-2016

Jim...I am relying on the Census data for her date of birth and in every instance it says born 1811, and arrival 1821.
Now I just realized that maybe I mixed things up. Basically poppy's father , Zachariah Burchell, married Sara Devine who was the daughter of Sara Jane (?) McCormick who was married to Charles Devine. Zacharhia's father was Peter Burchell, one among a bunch of brothers that came to what is now Canada, in the very early 1800s. Also Sara's (wife of Zachariah) dad, named Charles Devinne also arrived very early in 1800s and he was married to the Sara McCormick whowasnorn in 1811 and arrived in 1821. Charles died young compared to his wife Sara who was 90 or so. Anyway these families are in the early census. But Sara born in 1811 could have been Lady MCC's sister or relative. I am not sure. I have information I've found but Icouldas yet not figure this out. The McCormicks in Sydney Mines whose son had the garage in North Sydney are our cousins. But I haven't quite figured out the links. I need tooting out my information and put dates and people into categories to make sense of this. Well as you can see...things are not always what they seem . But I love trying to figure out the links. : )

Posted by: Irene Sharkley on 06-04-2016

Hello Jim. Thank you very much for replying to my post. I just received notification that I had a reply. I guess you've probably discovered that Geneology research activates the mind like a wind that blows in and becomes very engaging and then passes until another gust blows least that is the way it has been for me.
My family names are McKinnon (paternal) and Burchell (Maternal). Our family seems to have been more focussed on mummy's relatives. I actually was b Born in grandfather Burchell's home and saw a lady McCormick's portrait on the wall to it disappeared somewhere I don't know who took it as I was just a child but I can remember the story which has been told over and over again. So it actually has a hold on my imagination that I can't resist exploring.
I would like to dedicate more time now that I am retired but life takes a hold and pulls me away without much effort...I laugh at I am trying to rid myself of distraction so I can cleanup my information and move on.
So all that to say any help is greatly appreciated.
I have my tree under Mckinnon on Ancestry and it was Public but I recently decided to make it private due to the errors inthe tree lines. I have too many duplicates due to a misfortune download that I have to cleanup.

Posted by: Jim MacCormack on 23-03-2016

Irene: I might have come up with something. Is it possible that Sarah was born in 1820?
If so, I believe we've found her.

Posted by: Jim MacCormack on 17-03-2016

Hi Irene.
That's quite a story and probably makes for a difficult search.The bad news is that the Harmony's passenger list did not survive. As a matter of fact, only one Scottish passenger list did over a 30 year period from 1813. I've confirmed that with the Beaton Institute at Cape Breton University.
The likely reason for this is that the shipping officer (the individual responsible for such things) was located at then Ship Harbour (now Port Hawkesbury) at the Strait of Canso, approximately 80 miles from Sydney. Such a distance in those days was like being on another planet. Anyway is interesting that the official was located there since Sydney was an older, more developed centre.
So we'll have to approach the search from a different perspective- follow the names that you have provided.
I believe there was a Sydney newspaper in the day and,if so, I am reasonably sure they would have recorded the landing and, less likely, some passenger names. I have already located a confirmation of the landing but without a date other than 1821.
I have been in touch with Highland Village in Iona, Cape Breton but it will be a few weeks before they are up and running for the new season. Like the Beaton, they focus on Cape Breton/Scottish genealogy.
If you have any other information (especially names) that might be helpful.

Posted by: Jim MacCormack on 16-03-2016

The Harmony left from Barra and landed in Sydney, NS, not Picto, with approximately 350 Barra emigrants.. I live in Sydney and if a passenger list for the Harmony exists, I'm reasonably sure I could track it down.
Could you be a bit more specific? Is it McCormick's you're looking for, and if so, do you have names?
I am a MacCormack (same name, different spelling) and it shouldn't be too difficult to trace who you might be looking for.
If you so wish, get back to me and lets see what we can find.
Jim MacCormack

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